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The Veronicas
The Veronicas
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The Veronicas are an Australian pop rock duo from Brisbane, Australia, formed in 1999 by twin sisters, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso. In addition to music, the sisters market their own line of clothing which debuted in 2007.

In 2005, The Veronicas released their first studio album entitled The Secret Life of... which peaked at #2 on the Australian charts and gained an Australian ARIA certification of 4x platinum for 280,000+ sales. In total, the album spawned five singles, three of which were top ten singles in Australia.

In 2007, the duo released their second studio album, Hook Me Up, which also peaked at #2 on the Australian charts and earned an Australian ARIA certification of 2x platinum for 140,000+ sales. To date, the album has garnered four Australian top ten singles. The album's title track, "Hook Me Up", was The Veronicas' first #1 single in Australia.
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