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Anthrax is an acute disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis.

Anthrax may also refer to:

Bacillus anthracis, the bacterium responsible for anthrax, the disease

Anthrax toxin, the virulent proteins secreted by Bacillus anthracis

2001 anthrax attacks, in which letters containing anthrax spores were mailed to US media outlets and politicians

Anthrax (fly), a genus of bombyliid flies

Anthrax (American band), an American thrash metal band

"Anthrax", a song by that band from their album Fistful of Metal

Anthrax (UK band), a British anarcho-punk band

Anthrax, a fictional character seen in the video game Shrek SuperSlam

Anthrax (film), a 2001 film starring David Keith

Castle Anthrax, a fictional fortress in the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Los Ántrax, a Mexican gang
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