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Avril Lavigne - Official HP
2010-05-27 09:17:01
Website Changes (more)

Hi everyone,

I am excited to let you know that in the next couple months we will be launching a brand new site. The new site will give you more access to photos, videos and community features, including an all new forum. To prepare, we will be temporarily closing down the current forum. We will hold your user names for you, so you will have them when the new site launches. These changes will be going into affect Tuesday, June 2nd.

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Avril Lavigne - Official HP
2010-03-19 06:53:49
Join Avril to Erase MS! (more)

Hi everyone,

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Avril Lavigne - Official HP
2010-03-16 05:44:29
Young Artists For Haiti 'Wavin Flag' Music Video (more)

In support of Haiti, check out the Wavin' Flag music video:


Avril Lavigne - Official HP
2010-02-01 08:20:18
From Avril (more)

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to check in and share a bit of what's going on with me right now.
I am so excited! I feel very lucky to be a part of Tim Burton's new film Alice In Wonderland.

It all started off with me designing an Abbey Dawn/Alice In
Wonderland collaboration for my fashion line at Kohls. I was working
at the Disney offices going though graphic images from the movie for
my designs and getting up to speed on the movie project. I was really
inspired and excited about the film at that moment, so I asked Disney

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Avril Lavigne - Official HP
2010-01-22 06:48:03

The Black Star video contest has been prolonged so there's still a chance to win a whole new "Abbey Dawn" wardrobe!

Upload your own video performing any one of Avril's songs and you will have the chance to win.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the contest, upload your video and you get the chance to look like a star!